Presentations and Workshops

*April 2015, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. "The Art of Networking"

*September 23, 2014 Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. “The Art of Friendship"

*March 10, 2011 The Academy Metrowest Neurofeedback:Training the Brain. Natick,


*November 12, 2009 Executive Function in Everyday LIFE. LIFE Program, Mashpee,


*Saturday November 8, 2008 Learning Disabilities Worlwide 17th Annual World

Congress. Burlington Marriott Hotel, Burlington MA. Developing Social

Connectedness: Combining the Old and the New. Workshop on combining social skills

group therapy with neurofeedback.

*Friday March 2nd 2007: Mass. Psychological Assoc. Seminar "EEG Biofeedback: A

New Tool to Help Clients with Self-Regulation" Massachusetts Psychological

Association 195 Worcester St., Suite 303, Wellesley, MA 02481

*Sunday, Feb. 4th 2007: NPACE Psychiatry & Addictions Update "Asperger's and

Nonverbal Learning Disorders: Similarities and Differences" Hyatt Regency, Newport,


*October 26, 2006: Learning Disabilities Worldwide International conference "Helping

your Child Achieve Social Success" Burlington Marriott, Burlington, MA.

*October 6, 2006: Living Independently Forever (LIFE) Family conference.

"Relationships and Adults with LD" Cape Codder, Hyannis, MA.

*Friday/Saturday, November 4th & 5th 2005: Harvard Medical School Symposium

"Autism and Related Disorders: From Childhood to Adulthood: Group Therapy with

Teens and Young Adults".

*Wednesday, May 11 2005: YAI, New York City. "Coaching for Social


*Saturday, October 16 2004: LDW 1st International Conference. Weston,

MA. "Coaching Your Children for Social Success"

*Tuesday, May 4 2004: YAI, New York City. "Developing 'Right Mind: The Right

Hemisphere and Relationship Skills"

*Friday, April 16 2004: LDA Maine. Portland, ME. Annual Conference, Keynote

Speaker "Developing 'Right Mind: The Right Hemisphere and Relationship


*Tuesday, April 13 2004: Hopkinton PAC "Non-Verbal LD and Relationship Skills"

*Monday, March 1 2004: Milton PAC. "Non-Verbal LD and Relationship Skills"

*Saturday, November 1st 2003: 12th Annual LDAM Conference, Regis College. "Right

Brain Confusion: The Relationship between Asperger's and NVLD"

*Thursday,May 2, 2002: Dr. Rothenberg will present at the YAI 23rd International

Conference (WWW.YAI.ORG) in New York City. "Providing positive social experience to

foster resilience in people with disabilities"

*November 18, 2001: Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Mass. Annual

Conference. "Strangers in a Strange Land: NLD and Social Functioning"

*November 17, 2001: Beyond the Ramp Conference, Jewish Community Centers of

Greater Boston. "Social Connections and Self-Organization"

*November 9, 2001: LDA Puerto Rico, San Juan. "Managing Friends/Managing

Behavior" * Presentation by Dr. Rothenberg

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