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YOU have the power to change how your brain works. When you come into train your brain, you help your it to get better at doing things that are more difficult. It may be paying attention, or calming down, or getting into a better mood. Some brains need to get better at listening, reading, math or writing. Training your brain with neurofeedback can help it do better at many things.


Before you start training, it's usually a good idea to know what parts of the brain need more training. In order to find out, we use what is called "QEEG (Quantitative Electro-Encephalography)." or the "Q" for short. When we do a "Q" we place a hat on your head (like a bathing cap) that collects brain information from 19 different places. It does not do anything to you- an amplifier attached to a computer just collects information about your brain waves.
Brain waves are actually measurements of the very, very small amounts of electricity that power our brains. There are slower brain waves (Delta, Theta & Alpha) and faster ones (Beta & High Beta). Brain waves are related to brain "states" or how we think and feel at different times.

It might take a while to set up the Q-it takes a bit of wiggling a Q-tip and putting on some special gel-but once that's done, it does not take too long. We then get to see your brain "in action." First, we look at how it does with your eyes closed. Then, eyes opened, then reading and finally doing math. After this is finished, we get a "brain map" which tells us where and how to train your brain.


When you get to actually train, you will sit in a comfortable chair in front of the computer screen. Then your trainer will put sensors on your head and ears maybe 1 or 2 or maybe a full cap). These sensors just collect brain information; they do not do anything to your brain. YOU do all the work. With the help of your trainer, you will learn how to make some brain waves more powerful and how to lower the power of others. You will see and hear things happen on the screen (" Feedback") when your brain is exercising the brain waves we want it to. Sometimes your trainer may have you read or do math while you're training in order to exercise those parts of your brain. After awhile your brain "learns" to produce the desired brain waves on its own. It will usually require between 20-60 sessions of training. It may take more or less. You will find out more when your trainer gets an idea of how your brain responds to neurofeedback. You can find that it's easier to pay attention, or get into a better mood, or calm yourself when you need to. Then, you have more BRAIN POWER

Not like Homer Simpson (very small brain)


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