College students support group

Students experiencing difficulties such as roommate problems, anxiety, depression, attention and lack of motivation will meet weekly in a safe, supportive, group. Dr. Rothenberg will help group members to support each other, to gain insight into their issues and to find new ways of coping.

Each potential member will attend a pre-group interview to determine if the group is a good fit and establish individual goals for work within the group. Group members contract to attend weekly sessions until they have completed their goals.

The pre-group interview should be covered by most insurances. Group sessions are $50/session. Membership is limited to 5 members.
The current group is scheduled to meet at 5:00pm on Wednesdays,
beginning September
Call Dr. Rothenberg at 617-274-8734

Adult Interpersonal Therapy Group

For adults who are or have been experiencing difficulties in forming and/or maintaining relationships with others. We will work on uncovering the obstacles that get in the way of having deep and intimate connections. Group members provide support and feedback to nurture growth in one another.
This is an on-going group that will meet weekly (Time TBA). Participants will identify goals and contract to work on them with the support of other group members.
Fee: $60.

Limited to 5 members
Call: Dr. Rothenberg at 617-274-8734

Separation/Divorce Group

Adults going through or who have gone through divorce can feel isolated and alone. This group provides a safe, supportive environment in which to address issues such as dealing with the legal system, parenting, dating and "life after divorce."
Fee: $60/session

Contact: Dr. Rothenberg 617-274-8734

Dating Stress Support Group

"I'll never find anyone."  "The internet is full of creeps."
Dating can be frustrating and stressful for many people. Come and share your stories and gain support from others in your quest to find a deep and meaningful relationship. Led by Dr. Rothenberg. 4 weeks. Limited to 6 members.
Fee: $30/session
Call Dr. Rothenberg at 617-274-8734 

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